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Attention SAARC based Researchers

A valuable input on research in South Asian Countries

P3r.in is deeply committed to the environmental movement. As a token of which p3r.in has devised a special package of discounted pricing for researchers and institutions in SAARC region working on specific subjects. Details are as follows.

  •  The scheme is open only for institutions and individual researchers in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  •  Such institutions and individual researchers must be conducting/pursuing a post graduate course or post graduate, pre-doctoral or doctoral/post doctoral research in Wild life, Biodiversity, Natural resources, sustainability and climate change .Researchers wanting to avail this offer must be researching on direct and specific issues in these areas. Indirectly linked topics to these work areas will not qualify for the scheme.
  • We at p3r.in reserve all rights to offer/deny this scheme to any individual or institute and our interpretation of applicability of the researcher for this scheme will be final. Under graduate students excuse us.
  •  Individual registrations or institutional contract registrations from all such individuals/institutions will attract some special discount on the fees of the option they select. Some further percent of all the revenue from such registrations will be donated by p3r.in to significant organizations in SAARC region who are working in Nature/Environment Conservation and Protection. P3r.in will have the sole discretion in selecting any such organization(s).Their names and our contribution will be declared on our portal in the month of May every year, starting from May 2016.
  •  The beneficiaries of this offer will continue to be entitled for its benefits for their 2nd registration for Lesson Based Learning. Only the price benefit will be with respect to prevalent pricing at that time.
  •  To know further details and avail these price benefits, individual researchers will have to email us a letter of authentication from their respective institutional authorities with mention of the subject/area of work of their research.
  • Institutions, however, can always consolidate their total number of learners and their choice of full training or Lesson based Learning, and e-mail the list to us. In such a case, apart from this scheme they will not be entitled to any other price/other benefits. Other details of such institutional contracts will be discussed and finalized after we receive this list along with the name of the responsible person-say Academic Dean.

We sincerely hope that research institutions and individuals working in the aforesaid areas avail of this scheme along with our unique benefits and contribute to the cause of Nature Conservation.

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Guidelines for Environmental Research by Ministry of forests , environment and climate change-Government of India

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