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Studying Post graduates

You are currently pursuing post graduation. At this at early stages of your career, you will benefit from choosing complete program as your learning option- This will offer you an exposure which will help you all through your careers.Right from taking good lab notes to IPR/patent related lessons. It will lay a strong foundation for your future entrance tests and research career as well. Opt for the full training, and while undergoing it-make extensive notes…just like one takes down in a lecture .Right up to your journey till doctoral studies –p3r.in is always with you.

  • The course will reopen for one month before your final submission, for a final review…..at NO EXTRA COST. (You need to apply through your institution for this)
  • Most affordable a price
  • Entire spectrum of research writing at an early age.
  • Consolidates the foundations of grammar, punctuation and style of scientific language at an early stage.
  • Sharpens your tools at the onset and makes you ready for a rewarding research career.
  • Improves flow, attributes, and style of your  research writing –and enhances your confidence.

Training details

Mode of learning Price in $/Rs. Duration of learning
Total program – 34 lessons  (182.00)/(Rs.11900=00) 1 full year after 1st log in within 15 days after payment
Economics/Social Sciences package – 25 lessons (135.00)/(Rs.8750=00) 1 full year after 1st log in within 15 days after payment
Lesson Based Learning (Any 10 lessons of learner’s choice) (93.00)/(Rs.6000=00)  9 weeks after 1st log in within 15 days after payment
 Just in Time learning (Any 5 lessons of learner’s choice) (70.00)/(Rs.4500=00)  4 weeks after 1st log in within 15 days after payment
Special package for Environmental Researchers (science stream) – 34 lessons) (155.00)/(Rs.10315=00) 1 full year after 1st log in within 15 days after payment
Special package for Environmental Researchers (non-science stream) – 25 lessons) (115.00)/(Rs.7519=00) 1 full year after 1st log in within 15 days after payment

*NOTE: The courseware will run only on ONE device at a time.

1. What exact advantages and procedure for re-opening the program one month be for final submission?

It has many unparalleled advantages for learners. And there is no one offering this unique facility and retention.

  1. Even though they may have finished this training and/or other inputs for learning research writing, one may not have retained some of the content-which is the actual need for final checking and last revisions. Reopening facilitates the same.
  2. It offers the learners a ready reckoner tool to review revise and correct your manuscript just before submission. Specific doubts and difficulties at this stage will be better cleared.
  3. It offers freedom from expensive external editing services, costly and less content workshops suited to particular time zones. So whichever part of the world you are situated these features remain at your fingertips. Once you enroll with us you are registered in our database and we can identify you to reopen the course for 1 month of your choice before final submission.

For this the only procedure is your head of the department or any competent authority has to e-mail us that you had earlier enrolled for this program, are now completing your submission and we will convey you the new log in id and password.

2. What inspired the core concept of p3r.in training?

The entire concept is a culmination of Santosh’s long association with the scientific community and his next long stint in Content and Communication. He sensed the gap that there is no right and enough person power to ‘teach ‘research writing comprehensively. Also, with differing individual schedules of the scientific community, it is not possible to arrange synchronous, instructor led training. Although excellent books are available on the subject, the guides and teachers can never ensure if their students have read them. As a result they spend a lot of time in correcting the writings of their students. In Non-Metro areas of India (and probably all the developing countries) the researchers find it hard to get a good guidance for research writing. What was needed was a comprehensive offering which covered all aspects of research writing; with honest certification after completion; interactive, engaging and retentive way to learn; effective in learning but affordable in costs. But -with flexibility in offering for different types of learners within the scientific community. And the result is here.-Our three years of rigorous work on content, and engaging multimedia.

3. Is offline payment mode accepted?

Yes, the payment can be done by bank transfer or by demand draft. Click here for detailed instructions

4. How is your course different than the free information available online?

This is important – “what do you offer that is not already on the net?” Theoretically, everything is on the net – so why do any course?

  •  Because it will be a big effort to read through 100s of websites to reach the exact desired point of your need.
  •  Each website presents information in a different way and this means that web searches do not substitute and comprise of effective learning programs.
  • Most web sites do not support organized learning outcomes.
  • The examples quoted may not make sense or relate to the subjects of our learners/ students. The simplistic approach of most grammar websites is scarcely useful when dealing with the high and complex content of scientific writing.
  • Mostly the free material on the web is not interactive; it is a ‘one way’ communication and often without specific learning objectives.

5. How retentive is this E-Learning? – meaning, can the learner remember what he/she has learnt after some time? And what purpose do the printable downloadable take-away summaries help?

Surely it is far more retentive than listening to a lecture, or attending a costly short course on a few topics once in a while. Reliable Studies have shown that in the scientific community which does not use web just as a social media but uses it as a referencing source, E-Learning succeeds more .(Refer the paper William west, B.R. Simon rosser, Salma Monani & Laura Gurak s’ research paper In our resource center).Also an instructor led training can not repeat itself often; but you may re-visit our training as many times as you want to get a certain concept clarified and imbibed in your minds.

The idea of giving printable summaries is just for better learner retention. They offer you a gist of what you learnt in the lesson. You may retain and refer to them anytime you wish whensoever a situation warrants for them.

6. What can be an institutional contract?

An institution/organization may have multiple categories of learners we have identified. Also it is a possibility that some institutions/dean-academic affairs may prescribe it as a mandatory Pre-Ph.D. work. In such cases the institution may collate all the categories of learners they have within their institution, and approach us for a long term contract with revised bulk pricing. The certifications and log in -ids, passwords will however, be in the individual names and not with a sectional or departmental name. For any such requirement please contact us.However we advise individual learners not to wait for such contracts to happen, but register independently and start learning if you wish so.

7. In case of a snag or incomplete registration what does the learner do?

Learners can simply mail us and tell us the problem. Within next 48 hours we will offer the right solution.