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Quiz for science stream

Welcome to your p3r Quiz for science stream.  Test your proficiency for reasearch writing.

1. Identify 4 errors present in the following abstract. Select your answers from the options below.


Production and purification of a chimeric monoclonal antibody


Production of recombinant antibodies against botulinum neurotoxin is necessary for the development of a post-exposure treatment. CHO-DG44 cells were transfected with a plasmid encoding the light and heavy chains of a chimeric monoclonal antibody against botulism neurotoxin serotype A. Stable cell lines were obtained by dilution cloning and clones were shown to produce nearly equivalent levels of light and heavy chain antibody by ELISA test (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). In suspension culture, cells produced 35 μg/ml of chimeric antibody after 6 days, corresponding to a specific antibody productivity of 3.1 pg/cell/day. Purification of the S25 antibody was compared to that achieved using rProtein A–Sepharose Fast Flow resin. After the direct load of culture supernatant, analysis by ELISA and gel electrophoresis showed that it can be recovered at purities of 41 and 44%, from the EDTPA modified zirconia and MEP-hypercel columns, respectively. Although the purity obtained from each of these columns was low, the ability to withstand high column pressures and nearly 90% recovery makes EDTPA modified zirconia well suited as an initial capture step. Combining the EDTPA modified zirconia and HCIC columns in series resulted in both purity and final product yield of 72%.
2. Which of the following actions will help you to avoid plagiarism?Which of the following actions will help you to avoid plagiarism?
3. An independent clause has a subject ,a verb and ....(fill in the blank with right choice(s) from below)
4. Weight of solids removed from the muddy water for each sample was sample (A) 2.5 kg, sample (B) 3.6 kg and sample (C) 0.25 kg. For this data, which statement below is a result rather than a conclusion?
5. Which of the following statements is true when writing the methods section?
6. Which of the sentences below need an improvement in their punctuation?
7. You are an expert in Environmental Economics. In addition to your work you also review research papers prior to their publications. Which of the following activities are ethically acceptable in your work?
8. How will you change this sentence to increase its readability for a global audience?

“ In past few years, it has been sadly observed that the number of beautiful mangrove trees has unfortunately decreased to a great extent.”
9. Which of the following is true when a graph is presented in scientific paper?
10. Choose the sentence with correct comma usage from the set of sentences given below:
11. One of the reasons for including a "Materials and Methods" section in a scientific paper is to:
12. Which of the following two sentences is grammatically incorrect?
13. Which of the following activities can be considered as a FINAL step in determining if your manuscript is ready for publication?
14. Peer review can best be summarized as:
15. What’s wrong in the sentence below?

A professor should correct his students' papers according to a set of predetermined guidelines.
16. Which is correct ?

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