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Special package to Environmental Researchers

P3r.in is deeply committed to the environmental movement. We have devised a special package of discountedpricing and extended validities for worldwide nature and environment related researchers and institutions.
You can avail www.p3r .in even when you are away on field if you are connected. Learn with your own pace, place, platform (device) and available time.
1. Institutions and/or individual researchers willing to avail this package must be conducting/pursuing a post graduate course or post graduate, pre-doctoral or doctoral/post doctoral research related to Wild life conservation, Biodiversity, Natural resources, sustainability, Environmental Economics  and climate change.
2. Researchers willing to avail this offer must be researching on direct and specific issues in these work areas.
3. We at p3r.in reserve all rights to offer/deny this scheme to any individual or institute and our interpretation of applicability of the researcher for this package will be final.
4.  Registrations from all such individuals/institutions will attract:
4.1 A special discount of 15% on the prevalent prices of www.p3r.in (This means a discounted price of 155 $ for science and 115 $ for non science streams)
4.2 An extended validity of 2 more weeks .
4.3 Re-opening of the training one month before final submission of doctoral dissertation/thesis.
5. This special package is available only for ‘total program’ learning options for science and non science streams and does not apply to lesson based learning and just in time learning.
6. Researcher learners willing to avail this offer need to inform us their research topic, need to email us a letter of authentication from their respective institutional authorities with mention of the department and institution, course being pursued, guide name.

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