Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2016!

Respected VCs/Pro VCs/academic deans,

We at p3r.in recognize and respect your pivotal role in universities/institutions.
Researchers need to complete the foundations of the language, style, flow with a structured Pre PhD courseware; they need to plan, propose and present their research in a manner which will reduce publication rejections. They need to have a resource with them which will be with them till their final submissions. www.p3r.in precisely addresses these needs. It overcomes the hitherto difficulties of academicians such as:

  • At times when you wanted to hire the right persons but they were simply not available.
  • Or a situation when synchronous instructor led classroom training just could not be arranged due to differing time schedules of various researcher categories.
  • PhD guides may have expressed concern over their time being spent in correcting their students’ mistakes.
  • For EFL (English as foreign Language) researchers, very few resources seem be available to teach scientific writing. Researchers in BRICS and other developing countries are now contributing largely to the world quantum of research – and they need a consolidated resource to relieve themselves from the cognitive burden.

www.p3r.in offers an effective solution to all these issues with our most Extensive, Economic and Engaging E-learning training portal of research writing. In an interactive, retentive, and engaging manner.
We request you to check on our unique benefits.
Incidentally this is the world’s only training which re-opens for 1 month AGAIN before the final submission. This allows the learners final checks and revisions before submission.

Yours faithfully,
Santosh Shintre ,

“Having edited hundreds of scientific manuscripts for European researchers in every medical sub field, I can attest that the need for instruction in scientific writing goes deeper than mere instruction in English as a foreign language… I can confirm that researchers experience relief from cognitive burden when they finally receive some guidance on the complex process of writing journal papers.”

Michael Hanna, PhD.

Principal , Mercury medical research & writing, New York ; wrote in a letter to the Editor, Academic Medicine: January 2010,Vol.85, Issues 1,p.54