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Yet another strong reason for universities, colleges and Academic staff colleges to take up p3r.in training is – its compatibility with the assessment indicators of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
This of course is relevant only for Indian institutions, but may comply with similar indicators in other countries as well.
In the information following this text, this compatibility is indicated with the relevant reference points in NAAC documentation.
Source: Institutional Accreditation: Manual for self study report-Universities
(http://naac.gov.in/docs/University%20Manual%20-%2020.6.13.pdf)  @NAAC, March 2013.

A. Assessment Indicators

1.1 Curriculum Design and Development.

Point no.6

Consultation with academic experts, industry /employment sector /alumni / other stakeholders within and outside the institution is effectively done for developing the curricula.

1.3 Curriculum Enrichment.

Point no.16

All learners have access to value-added programmes, including communication skills / soft skills.

Point no: 2.3

10 –  Student centered methods are an integral part of the pedagogy adopted by the faculty.

13 –  Latest technologies are used by the faculty for effective teaching.

14 –  The learning environment is conducive for critical thinking, creativity and scientific temper.

Point no: 2.4

24 –  The institution organizes induction and in-service academic development programmes for its faculty.

Point no: 2.6

40  – New technologies are deployed by the institution to enhance student learning.

Point no: 3.3

20 –  The institution has a specialized research centre/workstation on-campus and off-campus to address the special challenges of research programmes.

Point no: 3.7

54 –  The institution has MoUs with institutions of national/ international importance/other universities/ industries/corporate houses etc.

Point no: 6.3

21 –  The institution conducts programmes to enhance the competency of its faculty and non-teaching staff.

B. NAAC Methodology for performing the assessment of Academic staff colleges

Programme Organization, Delivery and Evaluation

2.1 – Elearning programmes are organized.

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