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What inspired the core concept of p3r.in training?

The entire concept is a culmination of Santosh’s long association with the scientific community and the following long stint in Content and Communication field.

He sensed the gap that there is no single and comprehensive resource to ‘guide ‘research writing. And with differing individual schedules and skills of the scientific research community, it is not possible to arrange synchronous, instructor led training that suits all in terms of timing, content and value.

Although excellent books are available on the subject, the guides and teachers can never ensure if their students have read them. As a result they spend a lot of time in correcting the writings of their students. In Non-Metro areas of India (and probably all the developing countries) the researchers find it hard to get a good guidance for research writing.

What was needed was a comprehensive offering which covered all aspects of research writing; with honest certification after completion; interactive, engaging and retentive way to learn; effective in learning but affordable in costs. But -with flexibility in offering for different types of learners within the scientific community. And the result is here – our three years of rigorous work on developing content, and engaging multimedia presentation.