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1. It is Learner Centric!

  • Learners learn it at their own place, pace, device and time. And they may access the lessons any number of times during the validity. This ensures better retention of learning.
  • It can re-open for one month before final submission irrespective of your date of first registration. This allows final checks, revision just before submission-a facility much needed by all Commonwealth researchers. This is truly a unique feature-no other means of learning research writing offers it.(feature not available to PG programme)
  •  Completes 90% of the Pre-PhD courseware mandatory in most of HE and research institutions; it offers a UNIFORM syllabus of such courseware for science and non science stream researchers
  • Reduces publication rejections of the research; enhances citations and overall impact-raising individual and institutional reputations.
  • It provides periodic learning progress tracking reports to the departmental heads-for better monitoring of learning
  • It is extensive economic and engaging.7 modules,34 lessons and 182 topics, with lessons separated for science and non science stream researchers.
  • It has high quality multimedia, interactivity and evaluations in the course content. It offers printable, downloadable summary at the end of each lesson. It is prepared at Bloom III level.
  • It is accent free. Transcript of the voice over provided for each slide.
  • It offers printable downloadable summary at the end of each lesson. This ensures better retention.
  • (In Indian context)-it improves NAAC grade

2. It can re open before final submission, if you need

p3r.in is the world’s only program which can re-open itself for one month before your final submission, if you need. This allows you final checks and revisions, reviews. It saves you from publication rejections or expensive editing services.

This feature is applicable only to total program options of science and non science streams.

For this the only procedure is your head of the department or any competent authority has to e-mail us that you had earlier enrolled for this program, are now completing your submission and we will convey you the new log in id and password.

3. It has better content and interactivity

  •  The content is well researched, extensive and uniform; and we do plan it to update it at intervals.
  • At various points it has assessing Quizzes and interactive ‘check your understanding’ exercises-just to ensure better reinforcement of the learnt content.
  •  Learners master grammar, punctuation, style and attributes of scientific writing – for the first time in an E-learning environment – that too explained with cases and example at a post doc level, not school level.
  •  It has graphically designed PDF ‘Takeaway’- printable downloadable summaries of each lesson – helpful for retention of vital points of the lesson.
  •  It is exclusively created for the global scientific community. Unlike many other so called free courses on the net it does not mix technical writing with scientific writing.

4. It follows the best of E-learning and Instructional design principles.

  •  The entire training is arranged in convenient Module – Lesson-Topic format.
  •  The course is designed at Blooms level III-‘apply’ (cognitive domain)
  •  It is SCORM 1.2 compliant
  • The content is rich with engaging multimedia elements like visuals, photographs, cartoons, external links and animation.
  • With quizzes and ‘check your understanding’ the learners are able to assess their own learning and retention and  has a transcript of the voice over is also provided – so that learners may mute the voice if they want and yet have the full content.


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