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NAAC Grade


Improving NAAC gradation is vital for universities, colleges and Academic staff colleges in India.

The link describes how p3r.in is suitable for it and draws information from

’ Manual for self study report-Universities’@NAAC,2013


The link that universities, colleges and Academic staff colleges should take up p3r.in training, because it is compatible with the assessment indicators of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

The link explains this compatibility with the relevant reference points in NAAC documentation.

It indicates the relevant points from this documentation. In assessment indicators, it says how the various NAAC criteria for universities and institutions, like

1. Curricular aspect,

2. Teaching –Learning and evaluation

3. Research, consultancy and extension

4. Governance, leadership and management

– can be improved by subscribing to p3r.in training.

The link also describes that the NAAC Methodology for performing the assessment of Academic staff colleges mentions that E-learning programmes like p3r.in should be organized.