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Proprietary Item Certificate

I, the undersigned, Santosh Shintre – the founder  of Grey Cells, Pune hereby certify that  www.p3r.in- the E-learning training developed by us is  unique of its kind in the E-Learning environment and no other company or institution is offering any such product which enables researchers to self learn research writing by E-Learning. It has 7 modules, 34 lessons and 182 topics; Copyright of this entire content is granted to the founder-Santosh Prabhakar Shintre of Pune, India as per the Indian copyright laws, and we hereby assert our moral and legal rights for all the relevant aspects of www.p3r.in.

We hereby confirm that training offered via the portal www.p3r.in  does NOT have any market competition and it is our proprietary item.


Santosh Shintre