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   Purpose And Audience

Summary Of Lesson

Purpose and Audience lesson teaches the attributes of professional scientific writing. By studying these attributes one is able to turn out professional quality papers even if English is a second language. The lesson explains how to maintain objectivity, precision, clarity, coherence and simplicity and conciseness of scientific writing. Also, how to incorporate ‘person and point of view’ in research writing. Readability of scientific writing can be increased by following certain rules, such as, averaging the sentence length to less than 20 words, limiting paragraph length and complexity, presenting ideas in standard and expected word order and removing unnecessary hedging. The lesson teaches them. Second characteristic of scientific language which the lesson teaches is objectivity and precision. This involves the correct use of: Personal pronouns, Concrete and Abstract Wording, Anthropomorphism, and references to Humans. It also teaches to add coherence to the writing by developing right words, sentences and paragraphs into a closely reasoned, logical, line of thought.

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