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Check your understanding quizzes retain and reinforce the training. I improved on Grammar and punctuation, language flow and style, choice and selection of visual aids and manner of presentation after completing the training. Learning objectives defined in the beginning are matched with the outcomes at the end. Navigation through the slides was just comfortable; and level of content and examples cited were very satisfactory.

P3r.in can improve on the extent of summaries given at the end of the lesson, though, and the slides should be in full screen format.

Level of instruction, interactivity was very good and engaging. It is for the uniformity of content, instruction and interactivity with the ability to re-do a lesson that I will recommend it to others.

Ph.D.(MM) student at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University

Vishnu J.Sanap

Manager (design), Hindustan aeronautics Ltd. Nashik

Navigation of this training is just comfortable with a very good level of content which is engaging and satisfactory. The quizzes interspersed between the topics prove to be useful. Uniformity of content and self paced nature of this course makes it worth recommending.

Ph.D. student at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Pallavi Ahire

Asst.Professor, sinhagad institute of technology,Lonavla

I found p3r.in especially useful for improving grammar and punctuation, taking better

Pre- publishing precautions and choosing visual aids. Its instruction and content was uniform and adequate. The anytime learning of E-learning is also a good quality of this training.

I felt that the quizzes could be made more challenging- even though the present ones achieve their purpose. It is easy in its administration and navigation..The transcript of the voice over provided is also useful.

Ph.D. student at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule  Pune University.

Pramod Wadavkar

M. Tech (Design) 2015 DOT SPPU., Composites Research Center, R&DE(E), DRDO, Pune.

I improved on the choice and selection of visual aids, pre publishing precautions and manner of presentation greatly after completing this training.

That p3r.in is self paced and it reduces the time of the guide/faculty in correcting mistakes of their students are two reasons I recommend it to future researchers and their guides. Slide navigation was very comfortable; transcript provided for the voice over was also helpful. Level of instruction interactivity and learning was truly as a post graduate level.

The quizzes and exercises during the learning help a lot to retain the learnt content. I suggest to open the training for the learners just before the submissions of researchers to enable them a just in time checking of their work.

 Ph.D. student at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University

Yogita Ajgar

Assistant Professor, Wadia MESCOE Pune

Most of the information gained from this course will be useful at a specific point. Its self paced nature is certainly useful. Ability to re-do a lesson is also unique and recommendable. Matching of objectives of a lesson and the outcomes was adequate.

Overall it improves your manner of presenting research for sure.

Ph.D. student at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University

Beena Limkar

M. Tech. in Machine Design (IIT Powai)

p3r.in has an easy administration and low costs. Its content is uniform. It is self paced-one can choose the time of learning-so convenient! It is interactive and engaging. Only after one completes the training it offers you a certification. I can recommend it to my other fellow researchers because of these facts .Examples cited in the course were very satisfactory.-so was the level of instruction. For me my manner of presenting research improved, grammar and punctuation was refreshed, language flow and style surely got better after undergoing thorough p3r.in.

It detects the device and presents itself-although I wonder whether it can still improve on its speed on mobile devices, even though this is a function of connectivity.

It precisely defined objectives and matched them with the learning outcomes at the end.

E-Learning of Research writing by p3r.in was surely a valuable experience.

Ph.D. student at Department of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University

Mandar Deshpande

Research Technologist, Praj Industries Ltd.-MATRIX R&D Centre